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5 Top-Rated Delta 8 Dabs of 2021

5 Top Rated Delta 8 Dabs (ch)

Many experienced delta-8 users begin to seek out something a bit more potent as they build up a tolerance, and for those individuals, nothing hits the spot quite like dabs. Delta 8 dabs, for those who don’t know, are highly concentrated delta 8 THC products that offer a potency level that simply can’t be experienced with other types of products. As a result, the psychoactive effects are felt more strongly and come on more quickly.

Dabbing involves flash-vaporizing with a special dabbing device. It’s a bit more advanced of a process than operating a basic vaping setup, but fans of dabbing will undoubtedly tell you that the extra effort is more than worth it. Dabbing can satisfy that itch for real-deal lovers of the cannabinoid who can’t seem to get the full power of delta 8 THC from flower or vape cartridges.

If you’ve been on the market for dabs, as someone who is ready to graduate to a stronger type of experience, then you’re in luck. We will be walking you through the best dabs on the delta 8 market today, based on the reputations of the companies who make them, the way in which the dabs are produced, and what customers have to say about them.

Top 5 Delta 8 THC Tinctures on the Market

  1. iDelta8 Dabs – Best Value
  2. Strain Snobs – Delta 8 Dabs – Best Flavor
  3. D8 Factory Delta 8 Syringe 900mg – Best Syringe
  4. D8 Factory Delta 8 Shatter 900mg 1 Gram – Best Shatter
  5. Palm Treez Delta 8 Dab Syringe – Most Unique Strain Selection

How Did We Choose These Delta 8 Dabs?

Selecting delta 8 THC dabs to be on our Top 5 list was no easy task, as the dabbing market is growing like never before due to the increase in popularity of this type of product. It is easy to get distracted by companies with fancy packaging and lots of talk, but at the end of the day there are some clear factors to look for when trying to determine which dabs are worth your money, and which will give you the experience that you’re looking for. As you will see, we stuck to strict criteria when deciding which dabs to discuss today.


Delta 8 dabs are not supposed to contain any additives or filler ingredients whatsoever, as the whole premise of dabbing is getting nothing but pure and highly concentrated hemp compounds. That being said, it was very easy for us to simply look through the ingredients of different dab products on the market to weed out the ones that use unnecessary ingredients. Not only do fillers and additives reduce the purity and potency levels of the product, but the high temperatures at which dabs are vaped means that certain additives can become carcinogenic, which obviously means that these products should be completely avoided.


Simply put, we don’t waste our time with companies that can’t be bothered to be transparent with their customers. In a growing industry that isn’t yet fully regulated, companies have an obligation to offer traceability and thoroughness to customers when discussing their products. If a company isn’t clear about how they formulate their dabs, then we can’t vouch for the quality or safety of their concentrates.

Customer Rating

Ultimately, if a dab isn’t up to our standards, customers will let us know right away. That’s why we carefully look through every review of a particular product to find out what the customers have to say. We take everything into consideration, including the experience that customers have with the product, the experience that customers have with the ordering and shipping processes, and how the dabs taste.


In the delta 8 market, a brand’s reputation is everything. It’s so important that a manufacturer proves themselves to the hemp industry in order to gain trust. We want to know how the hemp community at large feels about a particular company to get a sense of their policies and the quality of their products.

The 5 Best Delta 8 THC Dabs

#1: iDelta8 Dabs – Best Value

iDelta8 is one of the most innovative brands on the delta 8 market, which they proved right off the bat with their unique take on vape cartridges that offer three distinctive types of formulas containing varying ratios of CBD and delta 8, offering a more user-friendly experience to beginners and advanced users alike. Now, they have introduced their iDelta8 dabs which promises serious value to those who want a nice selection of delta 8 products at their disposal.

Another thing we love about these dabs is that they come in numerous terpene strain options, White Recluse, Northern Lights, Blackberry Kush, and Skywalker, so that users can get very picky about the type of dabbing experience that they enjoy. There is no doubt you’ll find the perfect strain for your most precise desires, and you’ll love that each one has a clear and smooth flavor profile that comes from the careful extraction methods that they use.

All of these formulas have been lab-tested, and utilize high-end quartz material to ensure a consistent, flavorful, and deeply satisfying dabbing experience. With so many products in one glorious box, your delta 8 needs will be taken care of for a long time to come, while you can enjoy saving money on this exceptional bundle.

As each gram contains 92% delta 8 THC, you can be confident that you’re in for a powerful experience ahead. We love that the company’s website offers everything you need to know about what’s in the product and how to use it, complete with FAQs regarding dabbing so that you can get a good sense of what you’re doing even as a beginner.

>>Visit the Official Website of iDELTA8


  • Variety of products
  • Excellent strains
  • Top-quality quartz material


  • Can’t choose the strains

#2: Strain Snobs – Delta 8 Dabs – Best Flavor

When looking through different brands’ dabs to get a sense of the integrity of the company, it quickly became clear that Strain Snobs is a delta 8 manufacturer with a stellar reputation. They offer a generous lineup of delta 8 products with a special emphasis on strains (as you would guess from the name) and go to huge lengths to put customers at ease when it comes to the quality of their various formulas. The brand’s dabs are among the best on the market, and they easily earned a spot on our list.

The Delta 8 Dabs from Strain Snobs come in three distinctive strains: Chem Dawg, a sativa-leaning hybrid; Grape Ape, a heavily indica-dominant hybrid; and OG Kush, a nicely balanced hybrid. That being said, they cover all of the bases with their small but exciting strain selection. The dabs have become known throughout the delta 8 community for offering impressive flavor, which speaks of the careful extraction methods that they use which preserve the terpenes, not to mention the delta 8 compound, beautifully.

These additive-free dabs are without a doubt the real deal, and they are lab-tested to ensure maximum purity. The company is popular with customers for being transparent and being enormously helpful to first-timers through their customer service on their website.

>> Visit the Official Website of Strain Snobs


  • Additive-free formula
  • 3 popular strains to choose from
  • Phenomenal terpene flavor


  • Smaller strain selection compared to other brands

#3: D8 Factory Delta 8 Syringe 900mg – Best Syringe

Syringe-style dabs are becoming quite popular, as they offer a totally mess-free dabbing experience (anyone who has struggled transferring sticky wax to a dab nail knows what we’re talking about), while also being hugely versatile with a more oil-based consistency that allows the product to double as a tincture for those who can handle the high potency. The Delta 8 Syringe 900mg from D8 Factory is simply the best of its kind that we have found after looking through what really felt like every single dab syringe on the market.

D8 Factory is a brand that no serious delta 8 lover is a stranger to, as the company has built up their phenomenal reputation with nothing but the finest, cleanest and purest delta 8 they can possibly offer. The syringe is a great dabbing product for beginners due to how user-friendly it is, requiring no dab tools and being easy to dose out. The formula is additive-free, consisting solely of delta 8 THC extract and terpenes. The potency level is on point, and the flavor is nice and clean.

Another thing that we love about the Syringe from D8 Factory is that it comes in a very generous variety of strains. More and more hemp enthusiasts are getting particular about the strains they vape, and companies need to keep up by offering a nice array from which customers can choose. Meanwhile, on the company’s website, you’ll find a nice description of each strain so that you don’t have to open up several tabs to learn more about what each one can offer to your delta 8 experience.

>>Visit the Official Website of D8 Factory


  • Mess-free syringe
  • Huge strain variety
  • Pure formula


  • Website could be a bit more informative overall

#4: D8 Factory Delta 8 Shatter 900mg 1 Gram – Best Shatter

By and large, most dabs offered by delta 8 companies come in the form of wax, which is generally fine because wax is a wonderful form of concentrate that offers powerful potency and good flavor. But, for those who prefer shatter, there is the Delta 8 Shatter 900mg 1 Gram from D8 Factory. Shatter is a glass-like concentrate that’s more potent due to its extra concentration process, meaning that it will give you even stronger effects than wax. It’s very fragile compared to wax and is a bit harsher due to less air in the concentrate, but its higher concentration makes it extremely appealing to those who want nothing but the most powerful delta 8 experience possible.

The Delta 8 Shatter from D8 Factory comes in a jar, and has the signature amber color that we associate with beautifully extracted shatter concentrate. You’ll get a full gram, which again offers more bang for your buck since each puff of this gram delivers a more potent experience. The shatter has a 900mg strength, and it comes in two strains: Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid with a bold blueberry taste, and Wedding Cookies, an indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet and rich flavor. While the strain selection isn’t enormous, it does allow you to choose between indica and sativa effects to ensure that you have the general experience that you’re looking for.

The shatter formula contains only hemp compounds, with zero additives or fillers of any kind. The compounds have been lab-tested thoroughly, which is a big priority of D8 Factory and speaks of the company’s dedication to delivering pure, clean and top-quality dabs and other formulas to their customers. The shatter has the perfect texture to flash-vaporize instantly for a fast-acting and relatively user-friendly experience.

>>Visit the Official Website of D8 Factory


  • Indica and sativa options available
  • Higher potency of delta 8 and terpenes
  • Great alternative to wax


  • Only two strains available

#5: Palm Treez Delta 8 Dab Syringe – Most Unique Strain Selection

Yet another knockout company on the delta 8 THC scene is Palm Treez, and they have been around for a few years now, offering up advanced formulas in terms of quality, manufacturing processes, and innovation. The brand’s dabs are among the most sought-after in the industry, and come in the form of syringes, which is easier to work with than wax and concentrate as you can simply pull out how much you need to get your dab on!

This full gram incorporates numerous concentrated cannabinoids that join forces with the delta 8 to offer balanced and hugely desirable effects, with CBD, CBN, and delta8 working together harmoniously and synergistically while being enhanced further by the rich terpenes that are extracted using top-notch methods.

Palm Treez’s Delta 8 Dab Syringe is derived from hemp and has the choices of Sativa/Indica/Hybrid and effects, so that users can get very picky about the type of dabbing experience that they enjoy. There is no doubt you’ll find the perfect strain for your most precise desires, and you will love that each one has a clear and smooth flavor profile that comes from the careful extraction methods that they use.

Free of fillers and additives, these dabs are highly pure, and the compounds have been fully lab-tested by a third party.

>>Visit the Official Website of Palm Treez


  • Unique strain selection
  • Easy to Dose Out
  • No cuts, fillers, or additives in these bad boys.


  • Not as potent as shatter

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Purchase Delta 8 Dabs for Yourself:

Now, we have complete confidence in our list, and know that these dabs will satisfy your needs for a potent delta 8 session. But, we also respect that each customer has their own distinctive needs, and that there are other great options on the market. So, if you want to shop for dabs on your own, what are the things that you should be looking out for to know that you’re getting the best-quality concentrates available?

Hemp Source

Ultimately, all dabs begin with raw hemp, which means that how the hemp was grown matters a lot when it comes to the quality. Not all hemp farms maintain the same practices that yield exceptional crops. So, look for a company’s info regarding whether or not they source their hemp domestically, and whether or not it’s organic. Domestic hemp is held to higher standards than that which is cultivated overseas, and organic plant material is always superior as it does not absorb toxins from conventional products like pesticides.


Dabs should contain only pure hemp compounds with no ingredients added to them. So, when looking at different dab products on the market, you’ll want to carefully check to make sure that no fillers or additives have been put into the formula. The bottom line is that if you see added ingredients, then the dabs are not going to give you the quality experience that you’re entitled to.


All dabs should be lab-tested, period. Any company that does not have their batches of hemp extracts tested by a registered third-party laboratory should not be getting your money. Third-party testing is a crucial means for proving to consumers that the product is legit, pure, and free of harmful materials and microbes, and these lab reports should be quite easy to access on a company’s website. If you cannot find lab reports when shopping for dabs, simply stay away.

Return Policies

Ultimately, any brand that makes delta 8 dabs has an obligation to its customers to offer excellent service. One way to maintain excellent service is to have a fair return policy, which indicates that the company is willing to take responsibility for any potential errors during the ordering or shipping process. This is why we recommend that you look at a company’s website to learn about their policies, as a solid return policy is a big sign of integrity.


You’ll also want to check out a brand’s shipping policies. A company can sell the best dabs on the planet, but if their shipping is not up to par, you won’t be satisfied with your experience. Check to see when they ship out products, since no one wants to wait weeks for an exciting product like a new dab. Make sure that they offer tracking when they do ship your item so that you can follow its journey, and make sure that the shipping prices are fair. Any company that tries to sneak in high shipping costs that don’t actually reflect the cost of transit is a company that isn’t completely transparent and trustworthy.

Customer Service

A big red flag is a brand that does not have a clear customer service team accessible through their website. Many dabbers have questions about specific products and may need to contact someone about trouble with an order. If a company cannot be contacted, this is extremely suspicious. Further, a customer service team should not only be able to help you with your orders but have lots of knowledge of their products and delta 8 in general to help you as someone who is new to this industry, or dabbing as a hobby.

FAQs About Delta-8 Dabs:

Q: Just How Potent are Dabs?

We have talked a lot about how dabs provide very strong effects because of how concentrated they are. On average, a dabbing product is about 3 to 5 times as potent as a delta 8 vape cartridge. The actual potency level depends on many factors including the type of concentrate (wax, shatter, etc.), and the way in which it was manufactured. Overall, as we said, dabs are not for beginners, because all of them have an extremely high potency level compared to other types of products like vape oils.

Q: What Type of Equipment Do I Need to Start Dabbing?

You cannot dab unless you have the right dabbing piece, so you’ll want to carefully select your hardware to complete your setup. You have two general options: a dab rig, which is a lot like a traditional pipe with a dab nail instead of a bowl, or a dab pen, which is a lot like a regular vape pen but has the right output levels to vaporize thick concentrates rather than oils.

Q: Are Delta 8 Dabs Legal?

All delta 8 products are legal under federal law, dabs included. This is because of the Farm Bill passed in 2018, which legalized all hemp derivatives except for delta 9 THC. However, delta 8 products in general are banned in: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island and Utah, so you cannot buy these dabs if you live in one of these 12 states.

Q: How Much Should I Dab as a Beginner?

Even if you’re an experienced delta 8 user, we recommend that the first time you dab, you start with one hit. The high concentration means that one hit may be plenty for you to feel the effects you are looking for. The effects tend to come on instantly, so if your one hit has not satisfied you, you can wait about 15 minutes and take another hit. We encourage you to start slowly as the stunning bioavailability of dabbing means that it is easy to get “too high.”

In Conclusion:

Delta 8 dabs may not be for those new to delta 8, but advanced enthusiasts are finding them to offer a truly stellar experience complete with bold terpene flavor and powerful delta 8 effects. That being said, not all dabs are created equally on the market, and complicating matters further, there are all kinds of dabs to choose from, like wax, slab, shatter, crumble, sauce and what have you.

Fortunately, you do not have to go crazy looking at every dab that’s offered by the hemp industry. These dabs have been selected after loads of time and research, and we’re confident that all of them are capable of giving you the delta 8 experience that you’re looking for. The companies that produce them are all regarded as highly trustworthy, and the dabs themselves offer everything you could ask for – a clean, pure formula, high potency, excellent terpenes, and compatibility with dabbing hardware.

Overall, your dabbing journey will be unique, and we encourage you to choose your dab wisely, and go slowly while introducing yourself to this new form of delta 8 THC. We are confident that in no time, you’ll become a dabbing expert who can’t wait to get their hands on all kinds of dabbing products that are widely available today.

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