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Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews - Ripoff Reports or Portable AC Really Works?

Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews (daily wellness 19)

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a 2021 top trending portable AC that works effectively to cool and humidify the air in small spaces. It makes sure that you are able to get to work or rest without being interrupted by the summer heat. Arctic Air Pure Chill is also a reasonable solution - it doesn't cost you a lot and doesn't even take up that much space. Additionally, it is quite convenient to use.

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Compared to an air conditioner, you are able to save hundreds of dollars when you go for an air cooler. Fortunately, unlike typical air coolers of old times, this category of air coolers is space efficient and portable too along with being budget friendly.

So, if you were looking for relief from the summer without having to spend too much money and in the easiest way possible, give a try to Arctic Air Pure Chill. According to the manufacturers, this portable device is better than its competitors because it offers many new features that other such coolers don't. To let you know more about this device, we’ve compiled this Arctic Air Pure Chill review that will discuss everything about it, including features, benefits, working, and more.

Arctic Air Pure Chill Review

Several people believe that their only option is to survive in this summer heat by tolerating it. This can lead to detrimental consequences on your health, even deadly ones as heat strokes have become very common these days. You can’t just keep yourself cool by drinking cold drinks throughout the day and fanning yourself with a piece of paper.

After all, a stand fan is not enough to shun all the sweat that sticks to your body when the sun is at its peak. Of course, air conditioners are not affordable for everyone. Not only are they expensive investments, but air conditioners also increase your bills significantly. Moreover, central cooling systems are not even an option for most people.

You can have an air conditioner in one or two rooms, but what about the times when you are in the kitchen, study room or another place that does not have an AC? Fortunately, there is a solution, a portable one for keeping you cool throughout the hot days. An air cooler such as the Arctic Air Pure Chill can prove to be quite helpful.

Arctic Air Pure Chill portable AC can easily be moved from one place to another thanks to its compact and ergonomic design. While it may not work as powerfully as an air conditioner does, it claims to significantly chill the air in small spaces. The personal-use device comes with filter technology to make sure that there is no odor or allergic particle floating in the air that it circulates. Furthermore, along with cooling your room, Arctic Air Pure Chill can also humidify the air in it.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill - Latest Hydro-Chill Technology

You might be wondering how this device works. Arctic Air Pure Chill is unlike air conditioners which follow complicated methods and have several parts installed to keep your room chilled. In fact, this device makes use of the latest hydro-chill technology. This means that the device makes use of water to keep your room cool and pleasant.

Therefore, no harmful substances or unpleasant smells are emitted when the device is running. Furthermore, the evaporation technology also makes sure that the air in your room is made more humid. This is something that air conditioners do not ensure. If anything, they steal the moisture levels in your room, leaving the air dry.

Arctic Air Pure Chill cools the air in your room and maintains optimal moisture levels so that your skin and your lungs don't suffer at the hands of dryness. Basically, what you're supposed to do is add water to the reservoir of this device. This water is then converted into cool air as per the principle of evaporation. This cool air is then circulated in the room to ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC - Portable and Sleek Design

Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is better than air conditioners and traditional air coolers also because of the fact that it allows for maximum portability. The design of this device can be best defined using five words:

  • Compact
  • Wireless
  • Sleek
  • Chargeable
  • Portable

Thanks to the fact that Arctic Air Pure Chill AC is compact in size, it can be carried with your hands from one room to another. It is not bulky and since this is not a wall mounted device, moving it is super easy. Furthermore, the device is also chargeable which means that you can even take it along with yourself for car trips or picnics. No more feeling hot in the kitchen while you're busy cooking or worrying about sleeping outdoors when your AC gives up or proves to be too expensive.

Since the charging of this device lasts for a long time, you are free from the headache of recharging it round the clock. Furthermore, there are no wires that you have to attach and detach. Just one charging cable for when the device needs to get powered up. In comparison to this, air conditioners require installation which means they are not at all portable. Furthermore, traditional air coolers that are bigger in size are so bulky that they cannot even be moved.

It’s not just that the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler is portable. The design of this portable air conditioner is available in a neutral color so that it goes with the interior of any room. That’s not all – the body of the device is sleek which means that it can fit well in any room. You don't have to worry about it looking odd or standing out as it is small in size and has a modern design.

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Saving Money With Arctic Air Pure Chill

The best part is that you can save money when you purchase Arctic Air Pure Chill. This device is way more affordable than any air conditioning system - from central air conditioning units to wall mounted air conditioners. But how exactly does Arctic Air Pure Chill save your money? Let's learn about this below:

  • A budget friendly investment

    While air conditioners cost you more than $500, an air cooler such as this one will only have you spend some $100 on it. In fact, most air coolers are available for less than $100, including the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of money on buying the product.

  • Doesn't increase your utility bills by much

    If you have decided to get an air cooler, you might be worried about the bills that will accumulate when you run it regularly. Well, there is no reason to fret if you have purchased this AC. Arctic Air Pure Chill runs on pennies as it doesn't take up too much electricity. It just uses electricity when it is charging. And the electricity that it does use is not so much so as to increase your utility bills significantly.

  • No installation or maintenance costs

    Arctic Air Pure Chill portable air cooler comes completely assembled so you do not need the assistance of a professional to get it installed in the wall or get it working. In fact, there are even no maintenance costs as you can easily clean the device at your home on a regular basis to make sure that it continues working effectively. You just need a cloth to clean the device gently.

More Functions of Arctic Air Pure Chill

A great aspect of this device is that it is not just an air cooler. In fact, it can function as a fan as well. Other than this, the device humidifies your room properly, as has been discussed above. But that's not all - Arctic Air Pure Chill portable AC boasts amazing air filtering technology. Accordingly, the device has two components:

  • A filterer
  • UV light technology

Both of these parts of the device work together toward getting rid of micro particles in the air that can damage your health. In this manner, allergens, toxins and other viral components in the air are cleared out before the air is circulated in the room. Talking about functionality, this device needs water which is filled in from the top.

This water is converted into air with the evaporation technology installed. Moreover, warm air coming in from one side is converted into cold air. But before being circulated in the room, the air is cleaned of harmful particles. In fact, even any unpleasant smells are eliminated so that you breathe in and enjoy fresh and chilled air.

Since Arctic Air Pure Chill cleans the air as well as cools it, the device makes certain that your health benefits. After all, you are able to get rid of heat which can take a toll on your health in a number of ways. You don't have to worry about dehydration or heat strokes. You don't even have to worry about dryness that is caused due to lack of humidity. Furthermore, since the air is clean, you can protect yourself from common infections or allergic reactions.

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Using The Arctic Air Pure Chill Air Cooler

The fun part is that using Arctic Air Pure Chill is also very convenient. There are just a few pointers that you need to take note of:

  1. Fill in the water reservoir

    To get started, since this device operates on evaporative technology, you need to fill water in the reservoir. This is quite convenient since the reservoir enables you to add water from the top. Once the water is filled, it is enough for 10 hours which means that it lasts you throughout the night. It is recommended that you fill the reservoir with cold water so that chilled air is circulated in the room.

  2. Place the device correctly

    Arctic Air Pure Chill is a desktop air cooler that is supposed to be placed on a flat surface. You have to place it upright in order to prevent water from draining into other parts from the reservoir. You can place the device directly in front of you to be able to enjoy cool air.

  3. Adjust the vents

    You can set the grill facing towards you if you want to enjoy cold air. Since the vents of this device are adjustable, doing this is pretty easy. You can also change the grill settings whenever you want while the air cooler is running. This brings us to a great feature of this air cooler – the fact that the air vents are multi-directional!

  4. Select your setting

    There are three different settings available. You can either set the device to chill your room at a low setting, moderate one or at a high setting. This depends on your cooling requirements. Arctic Air Pure Chill portable AC can also function merely as a fan, and you can set the cooling to its lowest setting in case you feel that the weather is pleasant enough as it is.

Defining Features Of Arctic Air Pure Chill

As mentioned by several Arctic Air Pure Chill reviews, there are many features of this device that set it apart from other similar solutions. Here we have discussed some of these:

  • Noiseless

    The whisper quiet technology of Arctic Air Pure Chill makes sure that you are able to concentrate on whatever you're doing without any sound interrupting you. Most air coolers are often so loud that they become an inconvenience. Not this one as it doesn't use any components that can produce excessive noise, enough to disrupt your sleep or work.

  • Mood lights

    Arctic Air Pure Chill has six different mood lights, something that you cannot get with another air cooler. This means that you can easily pick the color that you find more preferable. This is a great feature for those who want a relaxing atmosphere at night or just some light to illuminate their room at night. The six different color options include white, red, purple, cyan, green and blue.

  • Lightweight

    Yet another great quality on this device is that it is lightweight. This means that you have no trouble carrying it from one room to another. Moreover, sitting at your side table or on your desk, this device doesn't look bulky. Interestingly, it is not only for indoor use, but can be used outdoors as well, provided it is used by just one person at a time.

  • Convenient

    Arctic Air Pure Chill air conditioner is also a great purchase because of the convenience it offers. The device can be used easily and simply. Even an amateur who is not good at technology can manage to use this device. Additionally, cleaning it and maintaining it is also super easy as is getting started. The air cooler effectively can chill a small area by 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Where to Buy Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC? Pricing and Refund Policy

If you're interested in purchasing this device, you can buy it directly from its website - getpurechill.com. Other than its official website, you might not be able to find the Arctic Air Pure Chill air conditioner anywhere else. Not in any physical store, nor in any online shop. Currently the manufacturer is offering different discounted prices and packages:

  • You can get one unit of Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler for just $89.99.

  • If you purchase the deal of two units, the total then you will have to pay will be $179.98.

  • In a package of three units of this device, the total price to be paid will be $202.99.

  • Lastly, a deal of four units will be available for $247.99.

You can place your order online which will reach your doorstep in a short amount of time. In case you are dissatisfied with the working of Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler, you can always return it. However, the return request should be made within 60 days of buying Arctic Air Pure Chill. This is because there is a 60-day long money buy guarantee that backs your purchase. This guarantee ensures that the manufacturer is not a scam, but a company that you can trust.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Shortcomings

While there are many amazing qualities to the Arctic Air Pure Chill portable AC, you might be wondering if it has any shortcomings? Well, there are some cons that have been linked to this device. You can learn about these below:

  1. It is for small spaces

    This device can chill up a small room finely. However, you cannot expect it to cool up in larger areas. Since the device covers a small radius, you cannot expect it to chill a bunch of people when you're outdoors. As discussed, Arctic Air Pure Chill is designed for personal use. Therefore, if more people want it, you have to purchase more units.

  2. It cannot dehumidify

    In case you live in an area that is already very humid and you want to get rid of the humidity, this air cooler might not be suitable for you. This is because it adds moisture to the air rather than takes it away. Therefore, Arctic Air Pure Chill air conditioner is particularly favorable for areas where there is a lack of humidity, rather than more of it.

  3. It is only available online

    You might be deterred when you get to know that you have no option of examining Arctic Air Pure Chill physically before investing in it. After all, purchasing appliances online is quite a risky move. Even though this device is backed by positive customer reviews and comes with a long and strong money back guarantee, you might still be doubtful.

Arctic Air Pure Chill Customer Support

Whether you want to know more about the company behind Arctic Air Pure Chill portable AC or you want to ask any questions or queries, you can easily contact the customer support team. This can be done via email or phone. You can contact the manufacturer of Arctic Air Pure Chill here:

Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews - Summing Up

To conclude, Arctic Air Pure Chill seems to be a worthy purchase for the summer months. As it can be used as a fan too, Arctic Air Pure Chill can serve you in spring and autumn as well. This compact, sleek and lightweight device is portable. It can be used cordlessly when it is charged. The things that set it apart include its function of having multiple mood lights.

Furthermore, it works noiselessly as well as cleans the air of not just toxic particles but also smell. By making the air moisture, and cool, as well as cleaning it, the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler ensures a pleasant atmosphere. However, while the device is suitable for dry locations, it is not preferable for areas that are humid as it is. Lastly, remember that Arctic Air Pure Chill is only for personal use.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Reviews & Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many units of Arctic Air Pure Chill should you purchase?

    If you're only purchasing this device for yourself, then one unit should be enough. However, if you want this device to cool up different rooms in your house for different people, then you might need a separate device for each person in your house. In that case, you can purchase one of the bulk deals available.

  • Are there any additional fees or taxes?

    Depending on your location, you might have to pay for shipping charges. You might also have to pay for any taxes or further charges wherever they are applicable. To know about the exact charges that you will have to pay, you can get in touch with the customer support team.

  • Where can Arctic Air Pure Chill be used?

    You can make use of Arctic Air Pure Chill indoors as well as outdoors. The device can be placed in your bedroom, study, garage, or even in your kitchen. You can take it along in your car or for picnics too.

  • Does this device need an electrical socket?

    Yes, a circuit is needed to plug the Arctic Air Pure Chill air cooler in when you are using it. However, in case the device is already charged, it can be used cordlessly for as long as the charging lasts.

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