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How To Find Psychics Near Me? Online Psychics VS. Psychic Shops Comparison

Where to find psychics (liveperson)

How is it possible to source the best psychic near you? Up until a few years ago, finding a good, trustworthy psychic was a big deal. You had to rely on friends and family for trustworthy reviews, and even then, not all psychics are who they make themselves out to be. For this reason, finding a psychic near you is not an easy feat. So, how do people seek spiritual and psychic advice in this day and age?

Enter the online psychic platforms that have taken the world by storm. These platforms aim to bring a trusted, top-rated psychic to you, by just a tap of a button. There’s no need to look in a daily newspaper for a psychic that may or may not be the real deal; nowadays, all this information (and the best psychics) are sourced for you.

Psychic Shops VS. Online psychics, What’s Better?

In this article, we will explore the differences between visiting a psychic as opposed to chatting to a psychic online. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages for both ways, but in this case, we reveal why one way is way better than the other. Keep on scrolling to find out all the information you need about online psychics.

Getting A Physical Reading

Where can psychic shops be found? Not all psychics have a store with a front sign that advertizes their services. For the most part, many people who seek such services are accustomed to relying on either family or friends to recommend a psychic, the daily classified, or if they by chance see a sign on a storefront ( the latter being very improbable). Perhaps 2 or 3 decades ago, psychic shops was the only and best opportunity to get an insightful reading on your future, but because the industry can sometimes be saturated with scammers and fakes, the fear of falling into the hands of a bad psychic has made people stop going for a reading all together.

While this type of practice still does exist, albeit far and few in between, here are the advantages and disadvantages of going to a local psychic shop for guidance and clarity..


  • There is a realtime connection with the psychic as he/she can physically feel and decipher your aura and energies.
  • The session can feel more personal
  • The customer can get a glimpse of the psychic and their abilities right in front of their eyes


  • Most psychic shops do not come with a booklet full of reviews from other customers. It’s hard to distinguish ( at first) between a good and gifted psychic to a fake or scam. The only way one would come to this conclusion is after the session, where you pay a hefty amount and leave feeling empty.
  • Renting a store or studio costs money, and it;s for that reason that seeing a physical psychic may cost a lot more these days because the psychic has to cover their rent.
  • The psychic usually has appointments lined up, and charge per session. Once your time is up, you wont be able to stay a little longer to gain more clarification or ask any other burning questions that you may still have.
  • Fake psychics have an ability on picking up facial expressions, and so when they bring forth any insights, they are able to see if it’s something you want to hear or if they should stop. More often than not, these psychics basically tell you what you want to hear.
  • Apart from paying for the session itself, you also need to travel to get to the location, meaning you’ll need more budget for travel costs or even, having to take time off work.
  • You risk people that you know seeing you walk in and out of a psychic shop, thus fuelling impressions and rumors

Getting An Online Reading


  • No one can eavesdrop on your conversation
  • Texting makes for better room to express yourself, and also the psychic can really delve deep into certain points.
  • With some apps, like Kasamba, all your readings are automatically stored on your account, giving you the freedom to come back to them at a later stage and read through them again
  • You stay anonymous all the time
  • You can initiate an online reading anywhere, anytime. Most apps like Kasamba have trusted psychics that work around the clock to provide guidance where customers need it most
  • There’s tons of great and expert psychics to choose from, giving you the convenience to simply initiate at a session at a tap of a button
  • Owing to the versatility of online psychic apps, one can view ratings and reviews about a certain psychic and make a choice on whether to proceed with an online reading or not.
  • Kasamba offers 3 free minutes for every reading, hence giving you the chance to try out new psychics without any strings attached.


  • You cannot see the psychic face to face.
  • You won't be able to get a glimpse into the reading, although many kasamba users have said that online readings offer the same extensive readings


All in all, whatever reading you decide to get, you need to figure out what would work best for you. With the rise of online psychic readings taking place, it is evident that most people prefer to connect with a psychic on a virtual platform, where their privacy and security is not compromised, they get to choose from tried and tested psychic advisors, and they can do all this from the comfort of their home. Pressing questions that need quick responses can be provided for quickly using such an app and that’s why apps like Kasamba, who have been around for over 20 years are popular and successful in that it provides the best psychics at affordable prices and they offer ease of navigation through their app.

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