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Your Customers Keep You Afloat, Per Omar Wala

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With real estate prices soaring higher than ever before and with fewer and fewer people able to afford a property, people are getting disgusted whenever they hear that someone is a real estate developer. This is probably because the current market is undoubtedly saturated with unscrupulous and greedy real estate developers who will go to any length to complete their projects, even if it means sacrificing quality.

Still, there are a few real estate investors out there who try their best to make things right, and one of them is Omar Wala. Wala is currently the largest minority urban housing developer in NYC, with over a billion dollars in construction contracts in the last five years, with Brisa Builders Corp, a family-owned real estate business, Brisa Builders Corp.

Driven by his unwavering honesty and integrity, as well as his humble demeanor and irresistible charisma, Wala takes great pride in addressing the increasing demand for affordable housing in the greater metropolitan area through the development and construction of mixed-use and multi-family buildings.

As Wala points out, his mission and purpose are to “develop the communities in which we live and make a safer, affordable, and clean home environment for all people.” He explains further that the business he runs wouldn't be anywhere near the place it is now if the main focus weren't the people in the communities and their satisfaction.

According to Omar Wala, customer service and satisfaction dictate every business decision as they significantly impact the company's revenue. "No matter the industry or the size of the business, your customers are what keep you afloat," says Wala.

"It's very simple; any business needs money to survive, and to make money, a business needs customers," he says. "While your business might survive with angry, one-time customers, only businesses with a focus on customer satisfaction can really thrive."

Wala also explains that he tries to be honest with his customers as his business runs on 'a word of mouth' principle. "You need happy customers that will tell their friends about you, about the good work you did for them. If they are satisfied, they will come back again, and they will bring more customers with them, too," says Wala.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction affects not only the company's revenue but also the morale and retention rate of its employees.

"Customers aren't the only ones with choices. Good employees are in high demand in any economy or industry, but their happiness extends beyond financial compensation. Brisa Builders Corp is a mission-driven organization where employees come back every day to find new ways to improve society and make the world a better place."

Omar Wala goes on to say that every employee at Brisa Builders Corp has the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves. "Our most powerful motivator is the intangible feeling of having a purpose. We understand how much each customer relies on our work. We are constructing affordable housing for people in need, and seeing a smile on their faces at the end of the day is priceless."

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